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>> how is it looking today? >> much better, but we are still having hurricane sandy. it is taking a long time to dissolve. it is pretty chilly out there. we have 49 degrees in downtown baltimore and 44 in keene's bill. looking at the forecast for today, high temperatures only in the mid-50s's, and it is going to feel colder, gusting at about 20 miles per hour. again and maybe just a little bit of a sprinkle in the western suburbs. we will continue to talk about this in the forecast. are the roads shaping up? >> let's check some closures. on hartford road, and at 152 at singer wrote, so far so good in terms of speed sensors not thinking of a lot.
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we are making our way towards 795. we are at 55 miles per hour. if you are going to travel further south, 54 miles per hour. 95 checks out ok. let's give you a live view of traffic. so far so good now on the major roadways. we will let you know if anything crops up. that is the latest. >> city police are dealing with several different incidents in the last 12 hours, including a shooting that happened just after midnight in north baltimore. police found a man suffering a gunshot wound. city police also investigating a shooting that happened around 8:30 wednesday night. investigators say an adult male was shot. he was taken to the hospital with a known injuries.
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about an hour off after that, police say another man was shot. police say they were interviewing a man when he walked into of hospital with a gunshot wound. officers say a man was found on south terry and james street suffering a stab wound. he was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. police are looking for information on all those cases. at the cleanup continues across the northeast as people deal with sandy's aftermath. they are dealing with power outages, most of them in baltimore county. we are told the latest happened after a contractor tried to remove trees from the storm and was killed when a tree fell on him. the man died monday after a tree fell on his pasadena home, and a woman died in a car accident in montgomery county. as for the rest of the
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northeast, millions are beginning without power, some without water, others with no where to call home. president obama visited some of the places affected by sandy. but the reality of the destruction is settling in, bringing the people left homeless to tears. those displaced by the storm are waiting to see what happens. in manhattan, subways are still cut off by flooding. >> the subway is cut in half around 40th street. >> thousands were trapped in homes around 72 hours. >> sunday night was probably the most horrifying in my life. >> they are street with sam. >> it was right out of a movie. >> emergency officials say thousands of gallons of oil
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ruptured in the storm. yesterday president obama promised federal help during two hours of seaside new jersey. >> we go through tough times, and we bounced back. the reason is we look out for one another, and we do not leave anybody behind. >> getting back to life as usual is proving complicated. >> we are coming back, definitely. we are coming back, all of us together. >> across the northeast, communities are refusing to quit until their lives are restored. millions are now beginning their third day without power, and especially for those cut off, this could not happen soon enough. >> i cannot imagine that kind of loss. a woman will spend the foreseeable time in the future
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cleaning up after sandeep. >> volunteers are heading to new jersey to help out with the aftermath. live in baltimore city with details of their effort. where and when does the group start to head to jersey? >> they are going to head to jersey today. this is part of the group trying to make a difference, so five baltimore city paramedics are joining the team. they are going first thing this morning to help out with the people surrounded by water and in desperate need of medical care. they have seen the pictures, and they know 911 calls are overwhelming first responders, and they spent part of the day wednesday getting ready to help. >> a lot of flood damage and no wind damage. -- and wind damage. hopefully we will be able to step in and go through some of
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the damage. >> a good amount of air time is expected to be transporting patients to and from shelters common and and you can see from the devastating images, just getting in from around that area is going to be difficult. >> new this morning, the senator will be stepping by the red cross to return disaster operations today. activities have been up and running since last saturday. 200 red cross workers from around the nation have been deployed in sandeep's after matt. she will also meet with workers and volunteers in baltimore today. a handful of schools are close due to power outages. we have done on the bottom of your screen. >> the school superintendent visited students at the elementary school. he says he was determined to get
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kids back in the classroom. >> the best thing would be to get some learning. our kids have two days off, so we want to get them back here. >> to see a few schools still closed today and for other weather-related information, you can head to our website. >> 45 degrees at the airport. when it comes to what is being taught in a classroom, does there come a time when a practice is outdated now? >> a traditional lesson. why students may no longer be writing in cursive. >> here is a live look at traffic. we will come right back.
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>> welcome back. there is a beautiful shot right now. currently 49 degrees downtown, but it is in the low to mid 40's as we step out of the city. we are waking up to some clouds, and it is not out of the question that we could see a couple of sprinkles. 54 degrees is the high temperature of around baltimore today. just a little warmer south of us in southern maryland. ocean city is 58 degrees. they still have a couple of rain and snow showers expected today and maybe a few rain sprinkles coming from the mountains. it could be in the western suburbs. we will continue to deal with
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the forecast. we will have details in just a few minutes. >> covering the nation, it is crunch time. five days until the election, and the campaign shifts into high gear. president obama will be in wisconsin and colorado today. joe biden will head to i want. mitt romney will be in virginia, and paul ryan will be in colorado. we will have a live report coming up. and already a record snowfall in the great smoky mountains. that is one byproduct of hurricane sandy. officials say this is the biggest on record for the month of october. perhaps a missouri school district says it may soon stop
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teaching students how to write in cursive. teachers say the practice is obsolete. students have mixed opinions. >> i think they should teach it, because we will have a second way to write. >> i live right in my name in paris a -- in cursive. >> if you order something online, you do not need cursive. >> there is no word on when a final decision could be made, and that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think cursive is a worthwhile thing to teach in school? >> millions without power, and they cannot write. >> that is the way they do it these days. many students take the class from today.
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they might be speaking a few halloween treats. max if you want to get that can be out of your house asap, how you can do it. we are checking on the area roads
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>> we continue to run smoothly on the major roadways. if you're going to travel anytime soon, we do have effective traffic light at 543
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and wheel road. just be careful. anywhere that have power outages, traffic lights could be affected, so treated as a four- way stop sign. use caution through those intersections. the north side is still up to speed. so far, so good on the outer loop. 53 on 295. problem-free on 100. if you want to head out on 95, still looking good toward the capital beltway. no delays on 97. let's get a light of traffic and look at the north side at york road. problem-free. traffic checks out just fine at harrisburg expressway. the problems from the maryland line to the beltway. let's put the latest on the buses and trains.
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>> we do have a delay on the 401, 10 minutes late. light rail is 15 to 20 minutes late. metro subway is on time. on the buses, the 273344, 57, 91 diverting at the metro station. 513 and 35 buses are as a diverting to the sinkhole repair. when you're away from your regular television, updates are available on demand by phone weekdays 5-9:00 and 3:00 that 6:00 at -- >> thank you. we are still feeling the impact from sandy. no where near from what we saw in the height of the storm, but look at the doppler radar for the northeast. see all the rain showers pushing toward the mountains and snow showers in the highest peaks?
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this is energy left over from what was sandy. it is still in the upper atmosphere, producing as precipitation. it is mostly west of baltimore. the mountains may see a little snow and some rain showers, very light in nature. a couple could be in the western suburbs of baltimore. that is a basic forecast for today. while we definitely missed the worst of the storm, i think maryland saw the widest range of impact from the heavy snow that fell in garrett county up to about 29 inches in areas like red house, 79 miles per hour wind gusts south of the bay bridge, 12 plus inches of ride four easton, and the low pressure in ocean city as the storm its way on shore to the north. although we did not see the worst, we saw some of the most extreme impact. extreme weather as a big dip in the jetstream goes into the gulf coast dates, and on the cold air
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to sit in place for the next couple of days. it will be very chilly, a chance for rain showers today. most of the sprinkles are off to the west. mostly cloudy skies, temperatures in the mid 50s today. it feels colder than that when you factor in the wind out of the west, attended 20 m.p.h., so dress worn today. -- 10 to 20 miles per hour, so dress warm today. mid 30s overnight, some clearing in sky cover. we will have a lot of clouds today, sprinkles to the west. it stays breezy tomorrow into saturday as well. temperatures in the mid 50's feel colder. almost a blustery forecast into the end of the week. we turn the clock back on sunday, get an extra hour of sleep. by monday, potential for rain and a big question mark of how the next storm system develops into next week. >> in the consumer alert, the
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october jobs report will be released as scheduled tomorrow. there had been concerned sandy might dampen the much anticipated jobs report since the federal government was closed monday due to the storm. the labor department says they intend to release the report on time, but still would not rule out a delay. it will be the final jobs report before the presidential election. are you looking up to a huge pile of candy in your house? if you do not want the extra can around, it could be a good time to teach positive lessons on giving. >> americans were expected to spend a whopping $8 billion on halloween this year, according to retailers. that includes $2.3 billion worth of candy. but all of that sweet stuff can scare parents, so consider some tricks for dealing with too many treats. halloween to be a spooky time for pediatric dentists who fret over sugar in their patients'
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teeth. over the last two years, many have initiated buybacks, where youngsters bring in sweet treats to exchange for cash, coupons, even new toothbrushes. the dentists and the candy -- said that the candy off to a few groups that put the treats into care packages for u.s. troops serving overseas. but other organizations mounting similar efforts include operation shoebox, an operation stars and stripes trick-or- treating for the trips project. there have been images of superstorm sandy and kids and want to do something to help. consider donating treats to kids on the east coast whose halloween celebrations may have been disrupted. >> those are all great ideas. >> great idea. unlike those ideas a lot. halloween is over and you might be feeling it's a fact. explain why hurricane sandy
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might impact the upcoming election, here is jane king with our bloomberg business report. >> good morning. we are surviving. that would be the most honest answer i can give the. widespread power outages caused by superstorm sandy may disrupt the voting for the big election. the democrat election commissioner on long island, new york says power is still out at 90% of the county's polling sites. that is a big problem with voting machines that are electronic. swing state virginia has thousands with out electricity and uses a variety of electronic voting equipment. on wall street, the weekly jobless claims ahead of tomorrow's monthly jobs report, the government says it is going to be out on time. we get another check of the manufacturing industry later this morning. features, i hear, are flat for the start of things. yesterday, markets in the mixed on the first-aid -- day of
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trading since sandy hit. new york stock exchange was running on backup generators. apple plans to open 35 new stores next year, the majority will be outside the united states. some of you may be feeling hung over this morning, probably are not up yet. daily find it says the time around halloween is second only to the super bowl for alcohol sales in the west. holly is not just for kids. mortals have been choosing it as a vocation -- more adults have and using it as an occasion to party. >> i understand toys 'r' us has another way to make shopping easier for the holidays? >> they have already the layaway and wish lists, now a paid in store option. i will explain it more. for kids trick-or-treating, the treats are thousands of calories. i will tie just how much in the
5:24 am
next hour. >> how are you doing with your power? did you get it back? >> not yet. still no power. it is getting a little chilly. we didin weg. -- we did go trick or treating. that open their candy by flashlight. we will look at this and last sunday. i took pictures. >> see you next hour. >> you cannot stop halloween. 45 degrees at the airport. maryland voters will get to decide if they want -- with a vote next tuesday. went to vegas to play poker and came back a champion. >> e-mail is your answer to our water color question of the day -- sherry on our facebook page or
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send an e-mail.
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>> there is a new world series of poker champion and he has from right here. >> he was the last minute the table in the final round of the texas hold a tournament that lasted nearly 12 hours. he takes home $8.53 million and a gold and platinum bracelet in crested with diamonds. congratulations to him. that is impressive. >> 45 degrees at the airport. still ahead -- >> both candidates are getting back on track with just five
5:28 am
days to go until election day. the latest, coming up. >> some baltimore city first responders are getting ready to head north
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>> good morning. welcome back. >> thank you for joining us. ava is back after an incredible job in ocean city. >> it was an incredible experience, but it is nice to be nice and cozy and not soaking wet. i feel like a new woman. tony has off today because he ate too much halloween candy. he just loves halloween.
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it will stay cold the next couple of days. we have that cold air spilling in on the backside of sandy. high temperatures today will only be in the mid-50s. it will feel colder when you factor in the wind out of the west at 10 to 20 miles per hour. mostly cloudy skies, a couple of rain showers, light in nature. the mountains continuing to get little snow. those are the impacts leftover from sandy. >> thank you. >> still pretty quiet on the roads. we want to caution you if you travel wheel road, there are defective traffic lights. be careful in bellaire at the intersections. southbound 95 coming past 24 as 62 on the north side toward the talson reagion. still running smoothly on the
5:32 am
west side of the beltway. building volume heading down to the airport. take a look at north side, starting to build. outer loop traffic going away from us. take a look at the harrisburg expressway. building volume in the southbound direction. no official delays to talk about. there may still be debris, so continue to use caution as you travel. >> with just five days to go until election day, both presidential candidates are focusing on campaigning after superstorm sandy raced up the east coast. >> we go live to our washington bureau with this commitment 2012 report. the president has been the last couple of days dealing with sandy's aftermath. >> today he is jumping back on to the campaign trail, joining mitt romney as both focus on the
5:33 am
finish, which is kind of -- coming up kind of fast. president obama during the doors the coast delivered a message to those devastated by superstorm sandy. >> we will be here for you. we will follow-up to make sure you get all the help you need. >> his message to the will shift away from the path of destruction santa left behind to the path of 270 electoral votes as he heads to four states including wisconsin and colorado. and florida, mitt romney backed off as he acknowledged those struggling in the aftermath of the storm. >> keep folks in your thoughts and prayers. it is a big part of what america is. >> both candidates will refocus. >> memories are short. by the weekend, we will be focusing on the candidates. >> so far, it has been up to the surrogates to do the slamming. jeb bush had some choice words about president obama. >> his entire strategy is to blame others, starting with my brother, of course.
5:34 am
>> joe biden return the favor with a swipe at romney in the sunshine state. >> his plans are not sketchy, they are etch a sketchy. >> biden is on the trail today, so is the president, in the west and midwest. mitt romney has to virginia, with that state's governor has asked towns hit hard by sandy to extend some hours for early and absentee voting. >>, the impact of voting on tuesday? >> that is a good question. we spoke with some analysts who say, it should not be a huge distraction. any sort of disruption indicates you'll likely see it more on the local place by place bases, if there are any changes that need to be made because of, for example, power outages. >> many areas further north of us will continue to clean up from sandy. others across the country are offering a helping hand, including here from baltimore.
5:35 am
jennifer is live this morning with details of a local group of paramedics heading to new jersey today. >> five members of the baltimore city paramedic unit are going to help make up a 10-unit team leaving first thing this morning that first responders overwhelmed in new jersey. >> christie is used to getting tapped up for in the summit, but this is a little different. >> you are anxious, but you just want to get there and get started. >> she and four of baltimore paramedics will head to new jersey this morning to help the thousands of people surrounded by water and in desperate need for medical care. they have seen the devastating pictures and know that 9-1-1 calls for service are overwhelming first responders. >> a lot of wind damage, people uprooted. hopefully, we will be able to
5:36 am
step in and go through some of the damage and help people the coat is heart wrenching, watching people's cars, their neighborhoods, i just can imagine being in that condition. >> transportation is going to be horrible and we'll just have to figure out cheaper ways to transport them. >> the likely helped -- help with patient transport. this group is prepared to spend up to 10 days of north trying to help get in and around the area. helping as many people as possible. >> governor cuomo is the part of the stay on the eastern shore wednesday touring some of the -- most of hisy ispent day on the eastern shore on area.sday, touring the industr our crews noticed a lot of standing water and neighborhoods which caused the evacuations of
5:37 am
more than 500 people. >> hopefully, out of this loss and damage we can bill is stronger and build it to withstand the bigger storm events we're going to be dealing with for the foreseeable future. >> city officials said have to wait for the water levels to drain off before the to put a monetary value on all the damage. you can find out more information on our web sites you can look up for school still closed because of power outages and the storms affect across maryland, and the rest of the northeast. you can watch our live updates online and on our app. >> police said the woman who helped her son and another boy cover up the shooting death of a young baltimore girl is in custody. the 49-year-old is being held on $500,000 bond after turning herself in wednesday morning. she faces several charges including obstruction in the killing of the 13-year-old girl who was shot to death inside an east baltimore home in march.
5:38 am
her body was found in an alley the next day under some trash bags. the state of maryland releases graduation and dropout rates showing improvements among baltimore city students, an accomplishment celebrated by the ceo. >> for five years, we have 82% of our kids that graduated, which is pretty remarkable in a city where half the kids used to drop out. >> he credited the improvement of better communication at the high-school level. >> 45 degrees at the airport. the sister company of the pharmacy linked to the meningitis fumble outbreak voluntarily recalled all its products. >> the research shows the more willie fish to eat could lower your risk for stroke. -- oily fish you eat to lower
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>> welcome back. it is 5:41. here is a live look at the inner harbor. a little chilly down there, but even colder as you step outside the city. cold air in the northeast behind sandy. take a look at the radar and temperatures across the metro area. 45 had bwi. 43 in randallstown. baltimore to edgewood, that is just a couple of light sprinkles falling right now. most is not reaching the ground. it shows you the area that could see a few raindrops throughout
5:42 am
the morning. overall today, we expect high temperatures in the mid 50's. it will feel colder with the wind gusts in the skies will be mostly cloudy with a potential for sprinkles, must fallen off to the west. the mountains still see snow showers today. we will talk about that when we come back in the seven-day forecast. >> in the medical alert, a sister company of the compound in pharmacy implicated in the national fungal meningitis outbreak is recalling all of its products. >> americas provides drugs to thousands of hospitals and says it is not received any reports of illness linked to its drugs. there recalling all of its products. although the recall is precautionary, the fda says it found potential problems during inspections of the facility. there are 377 cases of the original outbreak and 29 patients have died. eating two servings of oily fish a week may reduce your risk of
5:43 am
stroke. >> loss 800,000 people were reviewed and those who consumed two to four weekly servants of oily fish had a 6% lower risk of stroke or mini stroke than those who made one or four servings. five or more was a 12% lower risk. fish will been supplements did not have the same protective effect. >> it is 45 degrees at the airport. the ravens are gearing up for their first game, a biweekly. >> the orioles, setting $11 million by not picking up a contract. what could happen next, coming up in sports. >> another cool and breezy day, but not as breezy in ocean city earlier this week.
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>> good morning. your ride shaping up to be pretty nice out there appeared 1 accident at elkridge boulevard. that is a busy intersection. lane closures are expected. 37 m.p.h. on southbound 95. up to speed on southbound 95 past 24 in the area of mountain road. much for detective p.j. defective traffic lights that we learn. stoplight at that intersection. just be courteous to others. north side looks good. traveling over towson, 51 approaching 795. at's give you a live look traffic in the area of 70 west of the beltway. building in volume especially eastbound.
5:47 am
'95 looks like volume is picking up in the southbound direction coming toward us just outside of the toll plaza. so far so good at the harbor tunnel. now let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. 15 minute delay on light rail. mark trains are on time. on the buses, diversions on the three, 11, and 16 buses at charles. with the mta, back to you. >> people still recovering from sandy, whether it be picking up the damage or try to get their power back on. we did not see the work for our damage, so we were lucky in that sense. new york and new jersey is on the brunt of the storm.
5:48 am
however, i think merrill lynch on the most extreme weather out of this storm system. we saw snow in garrett county, 29 inches fell. that is an incredible amount of snow this early in the season. we saw 7 9 mile per hour wind gusts south of the bay bridge. 12 inches of rain along the eastern shore. low pressure as standing in her approach to ocean city. we definitely saw some extreme weather in the brunt of the storm system. fortunately, things are starting to improve. the weather is cooperating but it is very chilly out there for anyone fixing areas of the state today. but all this rain shower in the northeast. this is what is left over from sandy. now we just have a lot of energy producing rainshowers down towards the appalachians,
5:49 am
snow showers in the mountains as well. a big dip in the jet stream is alum all that cold air to spill into the atlantic. 45 in baltimore. a high temperature in baltimore is 54 degrees. most areas should stay dry with cloud cover. a few sprinkles off to the west. the mix of rain and snow showers in the mountains tonight. clear tonight, into the 30's. it is a pretty cold and to the weak especially with the breezy winds through saturday. turning back the clocks on sunday, an extra hour of sleep as we go into monday, with a possibility of rain. not really sure what will happen with election day, but things are improving. >> speaking of the weather, you spent about five days covering a major part of the storm. what surprised the most about what happened with sandy down at ocean city?
5:50 am
>> i have never seen way that they personally. i have never seen them build that much and spill over the shore. i think i was most surprised at how much water got into my waterproof clothing. you can see, when i was in the strongest of the win, it was really blown me over. >> is that because of the wind was blowing and you horizontal the? >> i think so. coming through your sleeves, your jacket, everything. it was so cold. >> your photographer sandbag you. were you scared at any point? >> i was scared that something would come off a building, some projectile item. there was some roof debris that almost hit lowell, but i'm feeling good. >> most neurologists like to be in that situation to experience
5:51 am
it first and. >> it is like a sickness. i have always wanted to be a meteorologist in that position. that is why i'm out there giving at intermission, so others can be safe. >> nice job. 45 degrees with the airport. how two baltimore ravens are approaching this week's game. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers.
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5:54 am
>> we want to commit to a couple of your water cooler questions of the day. >> chris says -- >> he says, yes, what mindi said.
5:55 am
>> mindy is always right. the by week is over, the herd in behind them, the hurricanes getting ready for the cleveland browns. they have not lost a game to the grounds since november 2007, but i guarantee you this. no one is taking this game for granted. the ravens have been suing for two weeks since they lost to houston. they are approaching this came hungry and humble. >> cleveland they always find us, they always play tough, the matter what portion of the season we play them, no matter where we play them, were each of the teams' records. it is always a fight between baltimore and cleveland. i think both sides like that. it is good for football and they are really playing inspired football. it should be a fun game p.m. the defense is playing at a high
5:56 am
level. we have a challenge ahead of us. they just beat a great team in the san diego chargers. they are coming up a high. it is a must-win tuition for us. >> game time is sunday at 1:00. the ravens are favored by four points. the business of baseball is what we will be talking about the next few months as the look forward to spring training. the orioles did not exercise their option on mark reynolds. the orioles do want him back and will try to sign him to a two, three-year contract which could go to salary arbitration, which could cost them $9 million a year. mark became one of the best defenseman in the league, which is why he is wanted back in them coming up, and new clothing store coming to downtown baltimore.
5:57 am
find out which store will fill out the old space of the filene's basement. >> tips to lower your cholesterol with a diet make over this morning. >> if you are heading out on their roads in the next few minutes, we have an accident in the elkridge area. >> a few sprinkles out there on the radar. we will detail those in the forecast.
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> focusing on devastation -- what people are doing to climb out of the damage caused by hurricane sandy. >> folks in new jersey are getting a little help from maryland. we will tell you how, next. >> backyard, governor o'malley >> backyard, governor o'malley

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